What are the different types of hoods available that I can choose from?

There are many different types of hoods available to you depending on your kitchen requirements

Built-in cooker hoods

Built-in cooker hoods are quite compact vents which are designed to fit into kitchen cabinets. They're suitable for use in smaller kitchen spaces and/or above a traditional four-ring freestanding cooker or hob.

Chimney cooker hoods

Chimney style hoods comprise of a canopy fitted to a wall in order to capture the steam and odours along with a chimney fitted fan to extract them.

Free-standing cooker hoods

Free-standing cooker hoods should be fitted directly to the wall above a four-ring cooker or hob.

Integrated cooker hoods

Integrated cooker hoods are designed to fit neatly into integrated fitted kitchen units. They are suitable for use with a four-ring free-standing cooker or hob.

Island cooker hoods

Island hoods are the biggest of the cooker hoods available. They attach directly to the ceiling and require a lot of space to accommodate the island hood they are therefore suited to a bigger kitchen space.